Society for Calligraphy, Southern California

Introduction to Lowercase Spencerian Script


Saturday, October 14

9:30 am - 4:30 pm


Spencerian is a handwriting system developed by Platt R. Spencer in the mid 1800s from which other scripts and handwriting systems flourished such as Ornamental Penmanship and American Cursive. First we will talk about the history of Spencerian, and then get acquainted with the pointed pen and how it works. Once we understand how to use the pen, we will examine the fundamental concepts of Spencerian script -- the unique characteristics that make up the script such as (shapes, shading, slant, proportions, etc.). Then we will warm up with a drills such as the cross drill and running ovals. Next we will study the lowercase principles (strokes) and how they are joined to form letters. Afterwards, we will study and practice each letter, stroke by stroke. By the end of the class, we will have learned all of the letters, a-z, how to join letters to form simple words, and the proper spacing between letters and between words. No prior pointed pen experience is necessary. This is a great class for those who are just learning Spencerian script as well as seasoned penmen who desire to brush up their script.

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This workshop is now full, with a waitlist.


Nina Tran


Inland Empire Regional


Angie Elliott


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materials fee paid in class


Temple Beth Israel

3033 North Towne Ave, Pomona 91767

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